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About Jamario

Self-inspired, multitalented Jamario Turner is destined to be an international icon. Born in the suburbs of Los Angeles. His talents consist of singing, rapping, producing, song writing, fashion, basketball, and skateboarding. Jamario has always been a deep thinker, which led him to writing how he felt about life in his environment. He also has a strong passion for music which he picked up from his dad’s side of the family. Both his grandparents, and uncle are in the entertainment industry, it’s in his DNA.

One day, he asked his uncle, whom owns a recording studio, if he could record a song that he wrote. And the song came out as if this kid wasn't a stranger to the studio. At this point, his uncle discovered that Jamario was naturally gifted with music. And for the next six months, Jamario put hours into recording, writing, and producing. He’s completed numerous songs and have released many of them which can be found on all major digital platforms. He recently performed and received an amazing response from his audience. Stay tuned, because Jamario Turner is busy working on more music, soon to be released along with his music videos.

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